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Are You Ready to Ignite Your Life and Ignite Your Business and Become Go-To Expert in Your Field?


A) ONE-ON-ONE Coaching Packages
For those who desire individual attention — or want to take a deep dive into their business strategy — Asha accepts limited amount of private clients per year and hosts occasional VIP private consulting day for qualified applicants. This is perfect for those that want this special one-on-one attention and direct path towards a specific problem or need.


Where to start?
Are you a driven, committed to your success entrepreneur that’s ready to make a quantum leap in your business?

If YES, CONTACT ASHA TO SCHEDULE NO OBLIGATION STRATEGY SESSION. Through an initial 15 minutes, action-oriented, in person, over the phone, or Skype consultation, we’ll explore and identify your interests, challenges and main goals. It will help you choose the package that is the best fit in your new life & business direction. From there we will develop an action plan tailored to fit your schedule and lifestyle.

ABOUT YOU: You are ready to transform your life or business; you are motivated and committed to your goals. I do not work with people who think that coaching/consulting is a “quick fix option” or instant transformation. But yes, it can be absolutely effortless, easy & even rapid change.
How? Well, believe or not but it is entirely up to your commitment, how much you put into the program and your willingness to be completely honest with yourself, and take responsibility for implementing what you learn. In terms of how fast you can see results, many clients begin to see results within the first three months.

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 Ignite Your Life, Ignite Your Business MASTERMIND


The Ignite, Mastermind family is a group of extraordinary up-and-coming superstars who are willing to do what it takes to become the go-to celebrity expert in their field and want to build a multi-million dollar brand. We would love to have you join us, but we can’t take everyone…not because there are “Only a few spaces left” but rather because not everyone is a good fit for this mastermind group.

You ARE a good fit if…

  •   You are an ambitious, self-directed business owner who has the potential of building a 6 or 7 figure business
  •   You are clear on your market and have a proven business model.
  •   You need assistance in growth strategies, perception and branding, leveraging income opportunities and creating national brand recognition.
  •   You are coachable and willing to do the work

The Ignite! Mastermind group is a one-of-a-kind group. Not only will you grow your business with proven strategies and expertise, but we will also build your brand with hands-on help of our amazing Dream Team.

As an Ignite! Member:

  •   We will begin with a one-on-one call with Asha to determine what your exact next steps are.
  •   You will have access to Asha on an as-needed basis.
  •   Each month you will receive new module training from Asha or one of her top experts in helping you accelerate your business, brand and establish you as the go-to expert.
  •   You will also receive a group Q&A call where you can bring anything to the table including questions on the previous training.
  •   You will have a private Facebook forum to connect and collaborate.
  •   You will have quarterly Ignite! Mastermind Days.
  •   You will shoot one of the following videos:

◦  An Interview for your website.

◦  A high-end Positioning video.

◦  A high-end Promotional video.

  •   Due to Asha’s circle of influence, we have a very exciting Huge Bonus for you to get national coverage for your biz through a google authority expert. We guarantee you coverage in major newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal in ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN and many others. Logos from the 10-15 most popular media sites for you to use in “As Seen On” graphics on your site

The Value of the items listed is almost $40,000.

You ready to take the leap into your future?

Step One

Submit the application below. We will review it and notify you of our acceptance or denial of your application.

Step Two

Strategy Session call with Asha. This is your opportunity to interview one-another and see if Ignite! is a good fit.

Step Three

Once we agree that it is a good fit, payment arrangements will be made and your call with Asha will be scheduled.

Step Four and beyond

This is where we work together to create the celebrity brand and multi-million dollar business you know you were born to create.

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Asha’s Dream Team AGENCY RED

The 5 Outstanding and Productive WEEKS  Done-For-You-And-With-You to JumpStart and SkyRocket Your Business!

Service #1 our $5,000  package done for you with possibility of up sale to $10,000

Service #2Visibility & Profits our $10,000 package

Service #3 monthly SM, marketing campaigns & sales funnels services $1,000-$3,000

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